Every tree has a unique way of growing but each one needs some pruning and trimming from time to time. In the process of a trim, it is necessary to take the size of a tree into account, trimming heavily on a smaller tree can do more harm than good even if trimming heavily on a bigger tree can a lot of wonderful effects. More than that there are certain security requirements that can limit the trimming that is done with a tree. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to pruning and trimming and this also includes the weather or climate of the location. Moreover, if you try and cut a tree incorrectly it can result to harming the tree in the process and may even lead to a tree’s death that then leads to its removal. 

So what is tree trimming and how does it differ with tree pruning? 

Trimming involves branches that have grown so much which includes shrubs, hedges and trees. Since the tree has overgrown, the only part of the tree that gets the sunlight is the topmost part, leaving the rest of the tree’s body not seeing any light from the sun. Trimming will help in this kind of situation because if you trim the top part of the overgrown tree, you are not merely saving a part of the tree but the tree itself leaving the tree more exposed to the sun after the trimming process. Trimming also benefits shrubs. Trimming may sound like an easy task but in the eye of the right people, trimming is actually an art. Trimming a shrub or a tree can help it take a form. Most specially in commercial area or spaces, trimming is important. Commercial spaces have landscapes to maintain and a trimmed tree can help that landscape look better. 

What is tree pruning then?  

Pruning on the other hand is taking out what is not of use anymore. When a branch of a tree is dead or has a disease, pruning does the job done. Just like trimming, pruning plays a big role in the life cycle of a tree. If a diseased branch is left out, it can possibly make the whole tree sick and can cause a few more problems to the tree owner. This is a vital process if you want to see your tree grow old with you or grow older than you that you can let your next generation witness it. Moreover, as much as pruning is medicine to trees with diseases, pruning also encourages a tree to bear more fruits or flowers. 

Trimming a tree is ideally done twice annually, on the other hand pruning is done once a year. However, these things are given in ideal situations, it is always best to take into account the type of tree you have. If you want to know more about these, ask the experts near you so they can provide you with the best option and solution. Connect with tree maintenance Lake County now and get those questions answered.